WhAT is feedING the 5000?

Feeding the 5000 is a one-day-only food festival designed to educate the public on the problem of food waste, elevate the conversation around food and sustainability policy, and celebrate the easy, fun and tasty solutions that exist to Take #FoodWaste #OffTheMenu. Each Feeding the 5000 event provides 5,000 members of the public with a delicious free feast, made entirely from fresh, top-quality ingredients that would have otherwise been wasted because the produce cannot find a market (often on account of arbitrary cosmetic standards or overly conservative date labels, as enforced by supermarkets). Bringing together citizens, students, governments, non-governmental organizations, businesses, food personalities and celebrity chefs, these events are open to all.


Feeding the 5000 is the flagship campaign of Feedback, an activist environmental organization dedicated to ending food waste at every level of the food system. Founded by renowned author, campaigner, and anti-food waste activist Tristram Stuart and award-winning campaigner Niki Charlampopoulou, Feedback catalyzes action on eliminating food waste globally, working with governments, international institutions, businesses, NGOs, grassroots organizations and the public to change society’s attitude toward wasting food. Through a variety of campaigns, including Feeding the 5000The Pig IdeaThe Gleaning NetworkStop Dumping, and the FSE Network, Feedback aims to hold each and every sector responsible for demanding the solutions to this global crisis. 


More than 1/3 of the food produced around the world is wasted from farm to fork. In the US, that number rises to nearly 40%. This food loss represents enough to feed the planet's 1 billion (and counting) hungry people three times over. Meanwhile, the economic, social and environmental costs ARE STAGGERING AND NEGATIVELY IMPACT ALL SECTORS OF SOCIETY. 

How can you get involved? let us count the ways! Start with pledging to reduce your own food waste in your own home and daily life, then demand that the businesses and supermarkets you support do the same. embrace the wonky and "imperfect" Produce. Join a gleaning network, or start your own. petition major supermarkets to reform date labels.  sign up to feedback's mailing list to stay abreast of important things happening in the food waste/loss/recovery space. attend a #f5KUSA event, or Tweet about it. DONATE To SUPPORT FEEDBACK'S WORK AROUND THE WORLD.